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Outdoor lamp “Firefly” Orange

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The orange LUCIOLE :

With the LUCIOLE, enter the big family Guillouard! This outdoor lamp is an iconic brand that no longer presents!

Your Kraft box, includes:

– A firecracker fire lamp made in France GUILLOUARD in Nantes in hot-tinned steel by immersion in a bath of molten tin alloy then polyurethane paint color “Orange” Height 30 cm, 40 cm handle unfolded, mass 800g, capacity of the tank: 0.5 liter, lighting duration: about 24 hours, wick about 16 mm wide

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Orange LUCIOLE Lamp:

With the lamp Orange Firefly, enter the big family Guillouard! This outdoor lamp is an iconic brand that no longer presents! Outdoor object above all, but also decorative object, this lamp will give you great satisfaction in everyday life. Placed on a dining table or in your living room or suspended from the ceiling, the Firefly will illuminate your evenings in the most beautiful way.

For optimal conservation, make sure you do not leave the flashlight too often in the rain. Its tinned steel makes it very resistant to oxidation, but try to keep this object out of the wet areas as much as possible. Remember to regularly fuel the tank in oil so that the wick does not spoil in case of fuel shortage. Know that a liter of oil must be able to guarantee you an hour of illumination with an adjustment of the optimal wick.

The LUCIOLE is an object that you can buy in different colors. According to your tastes, choose pink, white, blue. Add color to your living room with Guillouard products. Imagine by our engineers and manufactured in Nantes, FRANCE, this product has for mission to make your daily life more pleasant! Trust the quality Guillouard who has been creating products for you since 1923!

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