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Guillouard Arrosoir et histoire de la marque 1911 … And not a wrinkle !

Guillouard is a manufacturer of galvanized or stainless steel products for cooking, gardening and breeding, and has found its place in our everyday life.
Perpetuating a unique know-how that has gone through the decades, Guillouard lives and flourishes in kitchens, gardens, terraces and balconies in France and much further afield for more than 100 years and it is not ready to stop.
Guillouard, a true jewel of the national industrial heritage, holds a privileged place in the heart and environment of many families, both in town and in the countryside. Known for its watering cans, buckets, famous Luciole storm lamp, vegetable mills, basins and sterilizers, the brand now markets more robust and practical items than ever before. As originally, they are made of galvanized steel to challenge the time that passes with an elegance never denied. And if the years skate, they make them timeless. Resistant to both days and fashions, Guillouard articles combine the useful with the pleasant with consummate art and a design recognizable at first glance.

A reputation without borders.

In France, Guillouard products are available in all major brands and specialist dealers (large DIY, garden center or decoration shop). Internationally, the brand is present in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa, with the storm lamp, but also in the French overseas departments and territories, Japan, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Hot dip galvanizing … the test of time.

Working with a noble material, steel, by adding a surface coating by galvanizing, Guillouard attaches particular importance to the strength of its products. Thus, the zinc extends their longevity while protecting them from the oxidation and guaranteeing the tightness. Hot-dip galvanizing involves immersing a thin sheet metal into a molten zinc bath, resulting in a protective and durable coating. With a thickness of about 80 microns, the zinc layer protects steel from all types of corrosion. It’s solid for a long time.

Respectful of Nature!

All materials used in the manufacture of Guillouard products, such as steel or zinc, are easily recyclable and the paints are guaranteed lead-free. The wood used for the compost silo is certified. Hot-dip galvanized utensils are durable and recyclable and benefit from the natural fungicidal and antibacterial qualities of this material. The packaging is minimized and of course recyclable. If Guillouard is well in your garden it is not by chance!