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  • The followers of the whole thing do it themselves!


    You want to save money, eat healthy and homemade, so why not make your own jars of fruit or vegetables, meat, fish or sauces. Sterilization can be frightening, but we assure you that it is not rocket science and guarantees optimal hygiene and promises you many advantages.


    First steps!

    Let’s start by defining sterilization, it simply consists of removing all the air from the jars. The primary purpose of sterilization is to make your jars waterproof. To do this, the jars will be immersed in boiling water (over 100°C), which will remove all living organisms.

    Then, the hot water that has been initiated in the jars will then turn into water vapour, and thus allow the air to be removed from the containers.

    Finally, once the steam has cooled, a “vacuum” will occur, which will allow the jars to be hermetically sealed during closing.


    The benefits include

    Sterilization is a practical trick that allows you to keep your food much longer. Indeed, fruits and vegetables can be kept for example between 6 months and 1 year if they are stored in sterilized jars. Without sterilization, your cans will tend to expire more quickly.

    In addition, sterilization offers much more optimal hygiene conditions, as all organisms in the jars are eliminated, so you will not have any fear when consuming them, your food will not rot. Above all, you will have the satisfaction of telling yourself that this is homemade and made by you.


    Recipe idea

    It is time to put your knowledge into practice. We therefore offer you a small recipe for homemade pesto:

    Ingredient :

    • 25g pine nuts
    • 1 clove of garlic
    • 1 bunch of fresh basil
    • 20g grated parmesan cheese
    • 25cl olive oil
    • Salt, pepper


    Préparation :

    Dans une poêle bien chaude, déposez les pignons de pin et faites-les griller jusqu’à ce qu’ils soient bien dorés. Placez vos pignons bien dorés dans votre mixeur. Effeuillez et laver votre basilic frais puis pelez et pressez votre gousse d’ail. Ajoutez vos feuilles de basilic et votre ail pressé dans votre mixeur et votre assaisonnement . Mixez jusqu’à obtenir une préparation assez homogène.

    À présent vous pouvez verser votre préparation dans votre bocal en verre. Refermez-le et placez dans votre stérilisateur et laisser pendant 20 min, puis laissez refroidir dans votre stérilisateur. Et vous pourrez conserver votre bocal 6 mois à 1 an.

  • Les arrosoirs guillouard ! The history of the watering can, the timeless beauty of your gardens!

    Let’s start at the beginning.

    Timeless, useful, and even decorative, the watering can is the basic tool of the real gardener. The history of the watering can is fascinating, and it would take pages and pages to tell you about it. But do you even know what the first watering can was? Originally, the watering can was just a goatskin that was used to transport water from point A to point B. Then, as the years the watering can has seen its shape evolve. At first the watering can saw its shape change to “chantepleure” it took the form of a funnel, had no spout or handle and closely resembled the fruit of the coloquinte. Then over the years the watering can became much more rounded in shape.


    Plastic, copper or zinc, it’s up to you?

    Whether your watering can is made of metal or plastic, it’s a question of style and taste, but also of weight, strength, and ease….. Plastic is certainly a much cheaper material, with greater flexibility and much lighter weight, which allows this material to better withstand shocks without piercing itself. But admit it, it’s less pretty and less solid over time.

    So what is the point of choosing a metal watering can?

    There is of course the aesthetic, and even decorative side. The charm of a zinc watering can is incomparable. If these watering cans are also very robust, they last over time and do not rust. Whether they are zinc, copper or galvanized steel, they all carry trace elements essential to man in small quantities. They also have a sanitizing effect on water. Zinc oxide has fungicidal and antiseptic properties. These are details that matter to anyone who wants the best for their plants!


    An object that decorates your interiors!

    Today, whether it is small, stylish or traditional, your grandparents’ watering can will find its place in your apartment, for its vintage, aesthetic and fashion aspects. Its surprising shape and refreshing colours make it an ultra trendy object to the point of competing with your flowerpots and other decorative objects. That’s how you can dust off such a classic garden tool !

  • Une lampe tempête pour la vie ! The Decoration Diva will show you all the colors!!!!!!!

    Let’s start at the beginning.

    Probably first appeared around the end of the 19th century, the storm lamp is known to be considered a utilitarian and robust object. This lamp, with its all-fire all-flame temperament, was designed to be an outdoor lamp, with its glass protection that protected the illuminating flame from the wind or other bad weather.


    The timeless one!

    Today we can see that the storm lamp invites itself into our homes as part of our decoration. Whether it is placed on a table or suspended, this real lamp filled with history will be the charming asset of your outdoor spaces. Very well known and very trendy in Africa, it will give your garden a touch of exoticism, chic and romanticism.

    With the arrival of the sunny days, let yourself be tempted by this inescapable and timeless side that Guillouard proposes with his firefly storm lamps, by his panel of colors imagine an outdoor decoration to your taste and that looks like you, let your imagination speak for itself. If you want a garden with a classic but chic atmosphere, choose the colours “anthracite grey” or “white”, you would rather reproduce a vintage garden that is tempted by the colour “cherry red”, but if you are looking for an industrial atmosphere, let yourself be carried away by the classic “metal” model, but if you want an ethnic spirit the “mole” lamp is made for you. According to your tastes, the Firefly lamp knows how to meet your expectations and will thus become your new trendy decoration accessory that reflects its small retro, vintage style.

    Guillouard guarantees you his know-how and excellence by displaying on his own storm lamp a red medallion featuring a firefly proving its originality, because it is important for us that you “demand the original firefly”.