How can we not leave our plants to be abandoned?

Holidays = absence!

With summer coming to an end, the holidays fast approaching. So it’s time to start getting organized so you don’t leave your friends the plants behind with Iriso.

Whether you go away for a weekend, a week, a month or even 48 hours, you shouldn’t leave them behind and even leave them in a corner of your apartment or house. It is a pity to let your plants die slowly when it is very easy to avoid this disaster.

You have to take care of it like your pet!


Our advice!

Light, the first condition for the good survival of your plants or flowers. Be careful with balconies, terraces or verandas, your plants must not suffer from direct sunlight at the risk of being roasted when you return.

It is therefore preferable to leave a light point, even if it is dimmed, and to group all the plants together.

Practical tip: favour rooms with a small window, such as toilets or bathrooms and your plants will thank you for this little comfort.


Our tips with Iriso!

It is important not to overlook ecological watering, which will keep your plants healthy, so we offer you a patented, reliable and regular “drop by drop” watering system with its own float.

Iriso, is simply composed of an offset foot which allows watering as close as possible to the plant and easy filling of the tank. You can even have the luxury of choosing the intensity of the drop with a wheel system. Iriso has the advantage of operating without batteries 24 hours a day with an autonomy of 5 to 30 days. In addition, it can be adapted to all types of bottles.

Iriso is therefore recommended for your friends the potted plants who will thank you for their splendour as soon as you return from your holidays. And it is also Made in France!

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