Grids for vegetable grater with small holes

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Grids for Guillouard Vegetable Graters:

Grid n ° 1: Imagined to finely grate all raw vegetables (carrots, celery, …), chocolate, rusks, etc.

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Kitchen accessory category

For 4 generations, Guillouard wants to make your cooking moments, pleasant and simple moments. That’s why all the products we offer are designed and created by our own engineers, in order to meet your expectations.
In the category kitchen accessories, you will find products and utensils to help you make simple dishes, to sterilize your jars … Products such as a sterilizer, a kitchen grater, or a juice extractor, and a grater with vegetables.

Our products are made of galvanized steel for most containers (sterilizers), polypropylene plastic for accessories (graters and lid), and hardened steel in pure tin (vegetable rasp).

The color of our products is the result of painstaking work to find the best blend between dyes and the main material of our products. The quality of this dye allows you to put your products in the dishwasher without losing the hue of your colors.

Grids for your vegetable grater

The preservation of your equipment must be done in a careful way by avoiding any storage and storage in humid places.

The set of grids for your vegetable pass consists of three elements explained for you below:

– grid n ° 1: Imagined to grate finely all the raw vegetables (carrots, celery, …), chocolate, rusks, etc.

– grid n ° 2: Imagined to grate in Julienne all the raw vegetables (carrots, celery, onions, cabbages …), fruits, cheeses, chocolate, dried fruits, …

– grid n ° 3: Imagined to slice in a slice all raw vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, beets, potatoes, fruits (apples, bananas …) and cheese.

The grilles are made of hot tinned steel, the old fashioned way. They clean and wipe themselves preferably by hand.

Trust the quality of Guillouard products now!

Rediscover the quality Made in France of your kitchen products! Grids for your vegetable pass are imagined and manufactured by our engineers for your comfort and pleasure!