The storm lamp is back !

Guillouard sounds triumphantly the return of the storm lamp of color and metal.

At the end of the summer, we were talking about our little kerosene lamps that we cherish so much, and today we are announcing the return of the storm lamp to our partner stores and on our website.

Patience and length of time are better than …

Our lamps are back with new colors, which you will love! Be aware that this early winter, the metal lamp, and all other colors are (almost) available. They are already strongly victims of their return since many Internet users are tearing them away already. Only the trendy green has yet to wait a little to discover the world of your homes.

But you must certainly wonder why, Guillouard stopped his production of oil lamps. This reason is explained by the decision of the city of Nantes to close the production plant, which has been in operation since 1911! But what would Guillouard be without his iconic model of an oil lamp? The return of the storm lamp could not be delayed any longer.

The long trip!

Then, It was necessary to find another structure with real skills to revive our firefly production. This structure is located in Slovakia, and is lucky to have seen more than 200 machines enter its factory! Indeed, we wanted to keep a demanding quality and that is why we made this choice to send all our production machines in Slovakia. Then there were long months of training to keep intact the French know-how that has represented us for so long.

She is back!

And as this association works miracles, we can now offer Luciole oil lamps, but we have also taken care to imagine new colors! And yes, the unparalleled style of our small lamps would be nothing without these colors that come to put a warm atmosphere in your rooms!

On menu, red, anthracite gray, trendy green … Noble and bright colors to dazzle your living spaces.


You will probably notice, we sell our iconic in two different packagings. The first is in kraft, environmentally friendly and purified of all text and explanations! The second is a gift box for the holidays of the end of the year. Take advantage of this format to place some lamps under the tree of your loved ones or under yours of course! The storm lamps will illuminate your Christmas with their magic.