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GARDEN LIFE BOX – Shelter for birds and insects – Dark Grey

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Garden Life Box

The “Garden Life Box” is both a bird nest box, bird seed feeder, a Suet ball feeder, and shelter for bees, butterflies and insects. The informations provided allows you to convert easily from one function to another. You have just to choose the color …

Warning: the model sold on this page is dark grey

Garden Life box

Bird nest box
The Ø30mm hole is suitable for small birds like tits, sparrows, nuthatches or flycatchers.
The nest box should be set up at a minimum of 2 meters above the ground. Make sure it is in a calm place, sheltered from the weather (wind, rain and strong sunlight), and that it is not easily accessible to predators. Attach it strongly so that it is well stable.

Bird seed feeder
To be hung or fixed against a wall, a post, a tree…
Fill it with seeds (mixed seeds, sunflower seeds, groundnut seeds, pieces of bread…)

Suet ball feeder
To be hung or fixed against a wall, a post, a tree…
Place one or more suet balls over the food stick. You can also use fruits (apple, pear) or a piece of bread.

Garden Life Box

Bee shelter
Welcomes bees, bumblebees, wasps and syrphidaes who are useful to flower pollination (fruit trees or vegetables like zucchini or tomatoes). Place dead leaves, dry grass, chips and barks of wood behind the hole plate. Put branches, bamboo canes, bramble or sambucus in the upper part. Fix strongly close to a flowerbed, kitchen garden or fruit trees.

Shelter for butterflies, ladybugs, earwigs and lacewings
Butterflies: they take part to pollination of flowers. Pile up alternatively thin sheets of wood, pieces of cardboard, barks of wood or dead leaves and place all this behind the slot plate.
Ladybugs: remove aphids. Fill it with pine cones or with branches.
Earwigs: remove aphids, psyllids, snails and green wastes. Fill it with straw and hang the hole plate downwards (hang the bucket with a rope or drive a stake in the ground).
Lacewings: remove aphids, cochineals and other garden pests. Ensures pollination. Fill it with fine straw and dead leaves.

Each Garden Life Box contains the following elements:

GLB contenu

The assembly is very easy:

GLB Montage

Presentation of the “Garden Life Box”:

GLB présentation

On the occasion of the trade fair JDC 2015 Guillouard was awarded for the INNOVATION GARDEN. Competition organized by the magazine LSA, Jury composed of 9 members recognized professionals, Our product was awarded among 80 innovations presented in this contest.

Trophée LSA 2015

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