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Reserve of 12 L grey with kit of 6 sprinklers

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With this reserve of 12 L choose not to have to anymore water all your plants every evening of the week.
With this volume of 12L and its 6 sprinklers, organize your garden so as to have only to fill the reserve of water once a month.
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Category Garden – Livestock

For 4 generations, Guillouard wants to make your moments outdoors, pleasant and simple moments. That’s why all the products we offer are designed and created by our own engineers, in order to meet your expectations.
In the garden and livestock category, you will find products and utensils to help you do your daily tasks, with galvanized watering cans, compost silos … Enjoy a wide range of categories, and products like a watering can galvanized 1.5L, or a watering can 13L, a seed hopper or dripper.

Our products are galvanized steel or, and polypropylene plastic for accessories. The color of our products is the result of painstaking work to find the best blend between dyes and the main material of our products. The quality of this dye allows you to put your products in the dishwasher without losing the hue of your colors.

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